Lack of Balance


Being busy is a state of mind. The times I am most busy is when I absolutely have nothing to do. I have so much nothing to do that I am too busy to do anything else. I am incapacitated by how little I have to do. It’s at these moments I am useless; baggage, weighing down the world. I have so much time to be productive, but I’m too busy to be productive. It’s so easy to be busy.

The difficult part about being busy is finding balance. If you have absolutely nothing to do, and all of the time in the world, you are bound to suffocate. If you have too much you have to do, you will also suffocate. Somewhere right in the middle you can thrive.

Don’t make excuses about not having time. If anything it’s a lack of dedication; a lack of effort. Or a lack of balance.

This Little Light of Mine


If you haven’t already seen Ed Helms speech at the University of Virginia’s graduation, you have to. It was a perfect mix of comedy and serious topics to deliver an inspiring message to hundreds of brilliant, young minds. There are so many takeaways from this speech, but one that struck me was Ed’s insistence for the newly grads to follow their own dreams, not their parents expectations. I think this is the first hurdle for many people to begin living the live they truly want. Ed Helms is living proof that taking a risk and following your passions can truly work out for the better. He really tried to convey the idea that graduating college and slipping into a 9-5 that you don’t truly enjoy would be coasting. “Don’t you dare coast!” he exclaimed.

“Never let others define you, define yourselves.”  Everything you do helps define who you are. Other people all throughout your life will try to define you, and by doing so they are trying to limit your ability to succeed. People are terrified that you will succeed, so they will do anything to make you “be realistic” or to “think about your future”. Define yourself, and don’t worry about others expectations. As long as you are better than your past self, you are improving and on the right track to defining yourself.

Below I will post the video to the speech. It is 22 minutes long but definitely worth the watch. If you don’t know who Ed Helms is, he is Andy Bernard from the office and Stu from the Hangover movies.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”



A shiver runs down my neck,

But it’s not from the cold,

It’s from the world I see,

The world I know.

It’s a cruel thing,

To be so small, so alone,

In an ever expanding universe,

Gazing out at the unknown.

Take me to the stars,

Triumphant spheres of fire,

Fighters of the darkness,

Beacons of hope.

There is solace in loneliness,

For we are never alone.

We, like the stars,

Want our light to be seen.

So easily dismissed,

So easily extinguished,

We must fight,

To keep the flame alight.

Protectors of the sky,

Sentinels of the darkness,

How do you burn so bright,

And overcome the night?

The answer escapes me,

As I draw in a pained breath.

This cruel world has bent me,

I can shine no more.

If we stopped shooting for stars,

And ended our desperation to be seen,

We’d open our eyes,

To the stars right in front of us.

Triple Falls

Triple Falls

This is a picture of Triple Falls, a waterfall that I encountered on my hike in DuPont State Forest this past weekend. This angle makes the falls seem smaller than they actually are – they are massive! To give you some perspective, if you look closely you can see a man standing above the middle falls.

Standing where that man is in the picture was quite a powerful experience. I sat down for a bit and just listened to the endless roaring of the water. I could just feel the tremendous strength of the falls in my bones. It was empowering.

Unfortunately the falls are a popular destination and before long it looked like a public beach; crowded and disgusting. I was just happy that I had some sort of peace to observe such a beautiful facet of nature. DuPont State Forest is home to a lot of water falls, and on my short hike I was able to see two other massive falls.

(This picture is not mine

Fun fact

Parts of the Hunger Games were filmed in DuPont State Forest, especially at Triple Falls! In the picture above you can see evidence of this. I stood right where they are sitting, which is cool if you are into that kind of thing. My sister is a die hard Katniss fan so when I told her about that I told her that I saw Katniss when I was there. She just about lost it and was really mad at me when I told her I was just kidding. Maybe later I’ll pretend the picture above is mine as proof to her that I saw Katniss and Peeta on my hike. I miss being nine years old!

Spain in January


I’m officially going to Spain for 12 days in January 2016! I am absolutely ecstatic. I’m going on a group trip through EF College Break that hits Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, and lastly Costa del Sol. This will be my first big trip on my own so I figured going with a group would be better.

Time to brush off the cobwebs from Spanish in high school! I took Spanish for 4 years but I never got very good at it. I had no incentive back then to learn it (shame on me). So now, I’m going to put learning Italian on hold, and focus on Spanish because it’s practical. I figured Spain would be a decent place to go in the middle of winter because it’s far enough south to not be absolutely freezing the whole trip.

If anyone has any suggestions on things to see or do in Spain, let me know! I want to soak up as much of the history and culture as I can in the short 12 days I will be there.




An incalculable amount of parameters surround our lives, tangling us in a fragile web of dominoes. All it takes is one little piece to slide out of line and then everything else goes with it. Life is all about finding the balance between all of these pieces, holding them in check so that they don’t fall apart. We become so tangled in each other that every decision we make impacts someone else either positively or negatively. Sometimes we don’t even understand the gravity of our decisions at the time, or we never even discover the impact of decisions we have made.

This picture was taken in the woods (obviously) where a massive tree had fallen. Time finally brought the age old king of the forest down. When it fell, it immediately affected all of the trees around it. At first, it must have caused hardship for the other trees; they were bent, broken, suffocated. However, they fought through and took it as an opportunity to thrive in the face of tragedy. They twisted and turned every which way around the fallen tree and at this point, it’s hard to differentiate them.

The same thing happens with people. We depend on others, whether they know it or not. We need each other. Humans are not meant to be completely alone; we need help.

Extend a hand, help someone. Help your family, close friends, or just someone in need. The smallest favors can make the largest difference in someone’s life. We are all so tangled in each other, it won’t be long before you need someone’s help!

The Revolution


I was born in a revolution

One of giant, steel machines

Powerful and mighty, the kings of their time

I was in my prime for many years

I bore the weight of the world on my shoulders

It was a prosperous age

However, time brought about change

A new revolution was taking place

Anxiety consumed my every thought

Neglected, left to decay

How could they abandon me?

Dependable, old me

Old age has ruined me

But I’m no longer angry

I had my day in the sun

I’ve done my job

Now it’s time to rest

I have no more weight to bear

Someone You’d Admire


“One of them wants only to be someone you’d admire
One would as soon just throw you on the fire.”

Someone You’d Admire, Fleet Foxes

This is a lyric from a song from one of my favorite bands, the Fleet Foxes, called Someone You’d Admire. I love it because the song is so peaceful and calming, but the underlying message is quite dark. With competition ruling the world, people will do anything to get ahead. Competition changes people and forces them to make difficult choices. It forces people to change for the good or the better.

People are constantly balancing on a mixture of good and evil. No person is 100% evil, and no person is 100% good. It’s the choices we make that define what side we are closer to. These choices make us question whether we are good people or just power hungry, willing to do anything to get ahead. If you are too nice and feeble, you will never get anywhere.

Life is all about finding balance. Now go stand on one foot and think about your choices! (Lame, I know.)