The Untold Story


Talking about the future creates a mix of complex emotions. Everyone wants a good future for themselves. The problem is that nobody knows what the future holds, or how the decisions you make in the present will affect your future. It is this constant balancing act that we deal with. Dealing with future decisions eventually comes down to a risk calculation. We ultimately make our choices based on how much we are willing to risk to make ourselves happy while also feeling secure. Unfortunately, there is no perfect universal formula.

Happiness itself has no absolute formula, so how does one build a future of happiness? Sometimes you have to take risks. You can listen to all of the advice your friends and family have to give you, you can follow the advice of your role models. You can research success stories, read articles online about the pros and cons of a certain decision you are about to make. Everyone has their own extremely complex formula for success and happiness; no one else will be able to make your choices for you. It comes to a point when you have to be able to absorb all of this external information, and use it to make a decision that will ultimately make you happy. A lot of pressure, right?

It’s easy to make a choice based on security. Doing just what everyone else is doing, what your parents would like you to do, what people expect from you. People will praise you; people will relate to you. When you make a choice outside of societies notion of what is safe, people just don’t understand. They warn you not to follow through with it, they push all of the cons in your face as if you hadn’t thought of them. The reason they do this is because they are scared you will succeed. If you are successful, they will resent you because they are simply angry with themselves for not taking the risk after having the knowledge that it would be successful.

What I’m trying to get at is that there is no safe choice. There is no such thing as security. You can be monetarily secure, you can live in a nice secure suburban neighborhood, with a secure job that pays the bills every month. What’s the point of living a life of security if it doesn’t make you happy? People too often are making life choices based on a steady salary. They abandon their dreams to work “plausible” jobs to bring in the pay check. In my opinion, there is much more risk down that road because you aren’t doing what you are passionate about. You are spending a minimum of forty hours a week doing something that you know you don’t love. You are essentially wasting your life. To some people it is worth it. Some people just need to feel secure, and more importantly create an image of security for those around them.

Making decisions for the future is a nerve racking process, but you have to follow your gut. The only choice that is wrong is one that you doesn’t excite you. Whatever excites you, go for it. We all have limited time to live, and I surely don’t intend to waste mine.

Autumn’s Knocking

Springfield Path

The most beautiful time of the year is fast approaching. I can see the leaves starting to change; the air is brisk at night. The familiar smells of fall are returning once again. It’s an in-between time; a celebration of what summer and winter have to offer all at the same time. There are warm days followed by cold nights, with pumpkin beer and hot apple cider to cherish. Football games dominate every weekend, with people out and about constantly. It’s a wonderful time of the year.

Out of all of those things, I am most excited about pumpkin beer. They are all hitting the stores now and I feel like a kid in the candy store. I am always looking to find new delicious pumpkin beers, and who knows I might even brew my own!

From Way Up High


At the peak of the world,

Everything is still.

The barrage of urban noises

Fades briskly away.

Wind sweeps calmly by,

Tickling the leaves on the trees.

Birds call out into the distance,

High above all else.

The land is sprawled out beneath,

Miniature from such a high roost.

The violence, corruption, and evil slip away.

From way up high,

Peace and beauty rein supreme.

From way up high,

I am optimistic.



It’s easy to transition into a new, exciting chapter of your life. Happiness comes cheap and sleep comes easy. Fulfillment brims inside of you, making you feel completely and utterly content. There is always something to do; something more exciting then the last activity. You wake up excited everyday for the day to come, always with a “carpe diem” disposition. It is a lovely time, but ultimately a time that can’t last.

Through these times, it’s easy to lose yourself in a new world and forget who you really are. You stop doing things that have consistently made you happy in the past, through the ups and downs. You are stepping out into uncharted territory without a map to guide you. It’s fun, reckless, and exciting, but it’s also dangerous. If you step too far into the unknown, you might not know how to get back.

Center yourself around the daily activities that have always given you fulfillment. Change is a beautiful thing, and sometimes complete change is necessary. However, don’t lose sight of who you are in the temporary bliss. Continue fighting to be a better person even when life couldn’t be better; maintain as much happiness as you can.

This picture was taken on a hike I took with my mom and sister a couple weeks ago called Humpback Rocks. It a short but strenuous hike to a stunning view. Pictures can’t come close to capturing the clarity that comes with a view as captivating as that.

Stick to your roots and you will never go astray!