“An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding.”


This sort of wisdom is rarely found inside of a fortune cookie. This is the perfect message to find inside of a fortune cookie because it begs us to stop looking for an easy solution to our problems or a shortcut to our dreams. Stop looking for the easy answer, find your path and chase after it with everything you have. The journey alone will be more fulfilling than an all telling fortune.

There is a new instinct among people to be lazy; technology is moving so fast, making life so much easier for people. So many of the struggles of life have been taken away or eased by technology. This has caused a constant urge for faster, easier routes to happiness and success. The reality is that no matter how much technology improves, these will be slow processes that take place within ourselves. No technology can inherently make us happy, it is how we each individually feel about the technology that influences our happiness or our measure of success.

This fortune meant a lot to me because I am at a turning point in my life where soon I will have a lot of decisions to make. I will have to make big choices which will influence the rest of my life. So far my life has been a pretty cookie cutter, out of the box experience. However, I don’t want that for the rest of my life. I want to find an aim in life that excites me, something that I can wake up every morning and feel happy to be embarking on yet another day at work toward my dreams.

This is the struggle though; finding an aim in life is extremely difficult. How do you know what will ultimately make you happy? No one knows; we all just take our best guess. I just hope in the near future I will make decisions that will give me a clear aim in life to follow.

Yes, I am a little crazy. A simple fortune cookie in my Chinese fast food stirred up all of these deep thoughts.


Dreaming of Winter


Today is a good day. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours, right? Not always. For instance, today is a miserably cold and wet Monday, surely enough to dampen the spirits of even the most optimistic human being. However it doesn’t have me down; if anything, it only is raising my spirits. Sure, the warm weather has packed its suitcase and has safely flown south for the summer. However, with its absence come the holidays.

As a kid I never used to appreciate holidays unless it meant I was gaining something of physical value from it. Sounds awful, right? Keep in mind it’s hard to shake that mentality as a kid when you also believe in a large, cheery grandpa who magically travels the world and gives awesome toys to everyone. However, nowadays there is something deeply exciting about the holidays to me. Whether it is the idea of sitting on the couch under a blanket, carefully nursing a beer while watching a movie, or just relaxing in ultimate comfort in the company of family, it is my favorite time of the year.

Maybe my head is being infected with false feelings of warmth due to the fact that I am currently listening to Christmas songs played on a jazz piano. Really nothing better to get you into a mood of relaxation! Cold weather introduces it’s own set of challenges, but it also brings with it the promise of snow, beautiful frosty white snow. The same snow that I will hate come February, but for now, beautiful snow. The idea of fending off a snow storm by kindling a fire and drinking hot tea while being transported into another world by means of the book on my lap is so appealing to me right now. In reality, I would probably lose power and be freezing cold and miserable in the dark. I’ll stick to my imagination’s version of events.

Everyday life needs more opportunities for people to celebrate. Holidays are wonderful chances to celebrate, but also very difficult times for some people. It’s difficult to escape the loss of loved ones on holidays, and as such much grief come on those days. But try not to dismay; use these holidays as times to celebrate those who have passed, and create new, long-lasting memories with those around you. Misery is no way to celebrate those you loved so dearly.

My jazz piano Christmas song playlist has been replaced by Led Zeppelin, effectively taking me out of the Christmas spirit and erasing all the warm fuzzy feelings. I am still looking forward to the holidays, but I am going to pack away the Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, I won’t be able to escape Christmas music so I might as well save myself until then.

Today is a good day for making plans for the holidays. Go somewhere new, have an adventure, or just relax at home with family. I am just aiming to stay warm.

A Lapse of Motvation


It is now easier than ever to have a lapse of motivation. There are so many distractions that are constantly tempting us to partake in mind numbing activities. Technology is a wonderful thing but it has made laziness accessible to the masses. These activities accomplish nothing except for providing you with momentary satisfaction and inevitably leave you feeling miserable. The reason for this is because you know deep down that in the time you spent wasting away in front of the TV or playing a game on the Xbox you could have been spending in a productive manner.

Accomplishing anything worthy of gratification requires daily attention. Whether you want to be a writer, an athlete, or even just lose 10 pounds, it requires constant attention. This is why so many people fall short of accomplishing their dreams. It’s easy to say you want something, and to even follow through with it for a week or so daily. But then something will come up that will stop your progress and it will completely derail your motivation. It’s a daily battle, and it’s difficult to keep up with anything on a daily basis. It’s easy to say that you will just pick up on it tomorrow, and give in to your urges to participate in a mindless activity.

Everyone struggles with these urges, and everyone has their vices. The real daily battle is to just spend your time on things that will better yourself in the future. This is easier said than done, but once you start accomplishing goals you set for yourself, it will be easier and easier to win the daily battle. There is no better motivation than the taste of success!