Canals of Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a city riddled with beautiful canals, scenery and delicious food, as well as a plethora of “coffee shops” and plenty of opportunity for erotic window shopping. It is a melting pot of fascinating culture, swarming with tourists from all over the world. Parts of Amsterdam are a bit shocking to look upon to the untrained eye; it is different than any city I have ever been to. The elicit, even grotesque parts of Amsterdam are often a few steps away from some of the most beautiful parts. Whether you agree with all that Amsterdam has to offer, it is a fascinating and eye-opening place to experience firsthand.

My friends and I spent two nights in Amsterdam and our goal was simple; we wanted to get a feel for the city. We wanted to walk along the canals, visit the red light district, visit a coffee shop, and just generally experience the vibe of the city. We were able to do all of this and much more in just two days. One of the most enjoyable parts of Amsterdam was just walking around aimlessly, watching the people and seeing all the interesting shops. Every new street offered some sort of surprise that added a new perspective on the culture of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Heineken.JPG

One of my specific to-do’s was to take a tour through the Heineken brewery. This was my favorite part of the trip, the brewery tour, and although you have to deal with crowds of people and a lot of waiting in line, is so interactive and engaging! They do a good job of explaining the beer brewing process (a passion of mine) while still making it fun and hands on. At the end of the tour you have an opportunity to drink at a rooftop bar at the top of the brewery and enjoy a delicious Heineken as you gaze out over Amsterdam. If there’s anything I love, it is drinking beer outside and in high places with a beautiful view. Heineken was awesome. One night we went to the Amsterdam Ice Bar, and that was incredible as well. It was exactly as advertised, a bar made of ice with drinks in ice glasses. It was pretty cold, though (I know, I’m a regular Einstein).

Amsterdam AF.JPG

Another item on my list was to visit the Anne Frank house which unfortunately we didn’t have time to take a tour (online tickets are the way to go). This picture is taken close to the Anne Frank house (it is on the left right before Westerkerk aka the giant tower). I definitely want to come back to take a tour, but it was really cool even just seeing it from the outside.

Amsterdam 2.JPG

Amsterdam means different things to different people but it will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you, Rin.


Until next time Amsterdam!

15 thoughts on “Canals of Amsterdam

  1. It reminds me the week-end I spent there few years ago. We had a boat tour and I keep very good souvenirs there ! Thanks for sharing your pictures 🙂

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  2. Nice post about Amsterdam, and a good idea to just experience it casually (no pressure). I went there once decades ago (I won’t say how many!) and the Anne Frank house was the most memorable place I went. Her diary had a profound influence on me during adolescence and it was so moving to see those little rooms, the pictures she put on the wall, and to look out that small window at the top of the annex with its partially hidden view of the rooftops. I’m sure it’s changed a lot by now but I would definitely go back and see it again, next time I get to Amsterdam.

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