Exploring Prague


Prague is a city that appears to have slipped through time without the wear and tear of the world acting upon it. Due to the fact that Prague missed most of the devastation that major European cities dealt with during WWII, Prague is home to a bountiful collection of historic buildings. Between Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge (my favorite), and the Old Town Square, there is so much history to be witnessed.

My favorite part of Prague was the culture; the glass-blowing, the food and beer, the John Lennon wall, and the willingness of tram passengers to surrender their seats to pregnant women or the elderly. Glass blowing shops were seemingly everywhere, with thousands of beautiful, colorful creations. The food was cheap but exquisite; our Airbnb host referred us to an authentic Czech restaurant that was so incredible we ate there twice. I was able to try the famous Czech lager, Pilsner Urquell, fresh on draft at every bar and restaurant (It was delicious, it became my drink of choice while in the Czech Republic).


The John Lennon Wall seems so large and grand in pictures which is misleading; in reality, the wall is located on a somewhat random street, seemingly serving the singular purpose of blocking the street from a residential area. However, it is a symbol of peace and freedom, and the fact that it was hidden away in a random alley made it all the more mystifying to me. Standing there reading all of the kind, peaceful messages arranged in such a colorful display was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

It was interesting to observe the courtesy of the citizens of Prague. On the tram, it was an unspoken law to stand and surrender your seat to the elderly or pregnant women. Most of the time, men would even stand for young women to allow them to sit down. Having been on many public transport systems all over the world, it was shocking and wonderful to see such an overwhelmingly human response on consistent basis.


Walking across the Charles Bridge was my absolute favorite part of Prague. The bridge was alive with activity; there were people selling a multitude of handmade items along with several groups of incredibly talented musicians filling the air with pleasant sounds all along the bridge. All the while you were met with incredible views on all sides. Prague Castle looms high above you while the River Vltava flows on either side. It is an absolute must if you are in Prague (writing this is killing me, take me back!).


The Old Town Square is a spectacle in itself. The main attraction is the Prague Orloj, the medieval astronomical clock which was installed in 1410, then the third of its kind, and currently the oldest one still in operation. Unfortunately, it is a popular destination and touring it was difficult (the wait was far too long) so we just had to view it from the outside. When I end up in Prague again, I will definitely have a look inside to see what makes that thing tick (Get it? Yes, I love my dad jokes.).

The nightlife is also a perk for the young crowd in Prague. We went on a bar crawl that was being promoted in the Old Town Square, which was a very impromptu decision. I think we surprised the promoter with how quickly we all decided to participate (Compared to people adamantly ignoring him.) It was an awesome way to meet other young travelers who were passing through Prague. We met fellow Americans along with Australians and English students, since the bar crawl was aimed toward English speakers.

In closing, Prague lived up to the hype. It is an incredible city packed with amazing historical sites and a rich, vibrant culture; I barely scratched the surface. Prague, I will see you sometime soon!

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  1. Praha is a very vibrant city, and the city really comes alive a night. My favorite part of the city is walking on Charles Bridge just as the sun begins to set. It really creates this unique scenery of Praha, one that I is instilled in my memory.

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