Everlasting Pursuit


At this point in time, I think it would be appropriate to say that travel has a massive impact on my life; past, present, and future. I have been bit by the travel bug and most of my time is spent planning my next adventure or reflecting on past adventures. Travel has consumed me like it has to so many others across the world. I want to see more, learn more, and live more, and this is more than adequately accomplished through traveling. I have passed by the idea of having 3-4 weeks of vacation a year. I want to live a life that is composed of traveling.

I don’t think that I yearn to travel because I am lost or that I am running away from my current situation. I believe that the urge to constantly travel is my personal, constant pursuit to see the good in the world in a mixed array of cultures and people. I want to see the beauty that exists in the world, not only in nature, but in human compassion. I believe that the world is stocked full of incredible people from all different backgrounds and I want to meet them. I want to understand the different ways people get through life and I want to experience their unique cultures first hand. I want to grow as a person and ultimately find a way that I can be happy while helping other people. Travel is essentially my constant pursuit of happiness.

I think that a lot of people deep down would enjoy a life built around traveling and helping people all over the world while attaining all sorts of worldly knowledge along the way. However, most people just deem this as an unrealistic path to follow. They want to begin a career and follow a very rigid, defined track that will eventually lead them through a life that they are familiar with. It is the same track that most of their family and friends are on; it is accepted and safe. That’s fine! This makes many people happy and that’s really what matters, right? However, I don’t believe that path would make me happy; I have different plans. I believe that the unrealistic path for me to follow is a career track that has me sitting at a desk for the next 40 years doing something that I am not passionate about. The uncertainty of a life lived all over the place fills me with excitement. As for my plans to accomplish this, I won’t share at this point because if there is one thing I have learned, words can be fickle but actions are resolute. I am learning to share only what I have actually accomplished (Baby steps, excitement is hard to bottle up!).

That being said, no path through life is easy; there are immense challenges any way that you slice it. No path is absolute and no one knows what their future holds. I just want to take life one step at a time and I will see where it takes me. I will try to position myself in a situation that makes me happy; after all, that’s all that we can really do. With the knowledge that I have at this point about myself, I believe that traveling will make me happy and ultimately pave the way for a life that offers daily fulfillment and happiness. So travel, I will.

The picture above is a capture taken from La Catedral de Sevilla, offering a glimpse of one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to.




47 thoughts on “Everlasting Pursuit

  1. Thank you so much! All it takes is the mindset and the desire to see the world, I have no doubts your travels will soon be extensive! Thank you so much for stopping by and good luck with your future endeavors!

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  2. Possibly one of my favourite travel articles to date. My travels are still fairly infant in nature and I have yet to explore the world alone but your description in this post perfectly describes my sentiments. I look forward to reading more, happy travels!

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  3. Yes! I’ll give you all of my recommendations for the cities I went to! I won’t be able to get back to you for a little over a week though, I’m setting off on cruise. Have to get some R&R!


  4. Hi there! I noticed you have visited a few cities in Spain, I’m doing the same tour soon (on a bigger scale) but let me send you an email for your recommendations. I like off-the-beaten-path 😉

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  5. Yeah “ruins” isn’t exactly the right word for it, I believe it’s the best thing you can possibly do! That sounds amazing, I bet he is having a great time. Have fun with all of your travels!


  6. I recently read an article about how traveling in your 20’s ruins you for life – you want to travel whenever you can and you look at the world in a new way – not bad things in my opinion! My heart is full as my son is studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. So far he has traveled to Spain for a week, is planning to go to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day and has done small trips to Glasgow, Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye. I am going to blog about our upcoming trips to Boston (to visit my other son), London, and Scotland (doing a loop from Edinburgh).

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  7. Unfortunately I’m not in Sevilla still 😦 I was only there for a couple days, it wasn’t enough! But yes I completely agree with you, I couldn’t have put it better myself. But thank you so much, I’ll definitely follow your blog to fill the void in me since I left Spain. I will be in Germany for several months this summer, hopefully I’ll make it back over to Spain. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  8. Are you in Sevilla still? I’m studying abroad here this semester and I have loved reading your posts about traveling because I can relate so much! In just 7 weeks here I have met people from all over the world, reoriented my world view, and found a new desire to live in places around the world. I used to think I would just travel on holidays when I had the time and money, but after living in a foreign place I’ve come to realize that traveling for a week or two at a time may never quite quench that desire to truly come to know different cultures. Anyway, best of luck to you in all of your travels, and if you’re in Sevilla still, we should meet and swap stories! If you’re gone and miss the place, I’m keeping a blog of my adventures here: oliviagracelynnecook.wordpress.com 🙂

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  9. From one adventurer to another I absolutely love this post it’s like you were in my head putting words to my thoughts the ones I just couldn’t put down in words, the kind I wish everybody gets the chance to experience!

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  10. What a wonderful post. You are clearly living your dream and your passion and I so admire you for that. Warmest wishes from another traveler and lover of life and happy traveling, where ever the roads lead you. 🙂

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  11. Yes I see them, and there is a time and a place for photographing the wonders of our world, but there also needs to be an appreciation for the people inhabiting those places because they are just as beautiful, if not more so! Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by!

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  12. Your phrase, “I want to meet them. I want to understand the different ways people get through life” is what will set you apart. Ever notice how many travelers spend their time looking at, and taking pictures of the places they go, but don’t attend to the people in those places?! Best of luck to you on your voyage!

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  13. I always love to meet kindred spirits! That sounds amazing! Thank you for the advice, I will definitely continue to follow my heart. The Alchemist is one of my favorite books! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue having many wonderful adventures! 🙂


  14. Excellent post! You’re a kindred spirit! 🙂 Your sentiments reflect the reason why I decided to become an English language trainer. I essentially get paid to travel and experience other cultures. Keep following your heart (and read “The Alchemist” if you haven’t done so already!). It will lead you on some amazing adventures! 🙂

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