Discovering Corfu

Corfu Rock

So far in my European travels, I have been bouncing around between established, old cities that appear on everyone’s bucket list. The cities have been amazing, and I have had the opportunity to delve into a multitude of different cultures, experience interesting people, eat delicious food, and taste different beers from all over Europe. It has been the experience of a lifetime, but something had been missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the moment, but now I see it all with clarity.

When I was planning my trip to Corfu, I had never heard of Corfu (It is an island in Greece – you’re welcome). My motive for this trip was to find a cheap flight to somewhere with a beach for July 4th. After sharking around on Ryan Air for hours, I came across a flight to Corfu for less than 100 Euros round trip, and I knew we had to go. I looked at Google images and I was instantly floored by the beauty of this place.

Lemons Corfu

I have never been to a more beautiful place in my life. Corfu was home to crystal clear, bright blue water, staggering cliffs, and endless gorgeous beaches. My favorite day in Corfu happened to be July 4th (Yes, we sang the National Anthem twice at the bar obnoxiously loud, go America). We went out on a kayaking tour lead by our hostel, which if you ever stay in Corfu, you have to stay at the Pink Palace hostel. It shouldn’t even be called a hostel; it is a beautiful resort that is incredibly accommodating, especially to young people. We kayaked to another set of beautiful cliffs and jumped off a 30 foot cliff in the Mediterranean for about an hour, then we set course for an ancient, abandoned monastery that was located at the top of a small island right off the coast of Corfu. It was one of the most amazing places I have ever been to.

Life is full of opportunities for spontaneity and adventure, it just requires you to go grab them. You have to be willing to do new, possibly uncomfortable things to truly travel and experience the world the right way. That’s what traveling is all about; exploring unfamiliar places and seeking out adventure at every turn. I took a risk on Corfu, somewhere I had never even heard of before, and it ended up being my favorite destination yet. I literally landed myself in paradise on a whim.

Trust your instincts, say yes to adventure, and get out and see the world. You won’t regret it.