Memories of Malta

Malta Comino Fort

Malta was a lot different than I expected it would be, which really just means it was a lot different than Corfu, Greece, the destination I traveled to the weekend before heading to Malta. Malta was home to incredible beauty but most of the beauty resided on the coast at the water and at the small islands right next to Malta. Surprisingly, when you head inland the landscape resembles that of a desert. The buildings were generally all sandstone colored; there seemed to be an utter lack of color in Malta. However, this is part of the charm and beauty of the small island; the contrast between the desert land and the bright blue ocean water.

Traveling a lot causes a spoiled disposition, I realize that. It seems like all I have been doing is complaining about Malta when it really is an incredible place, and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel there. Malta had its charms; there are fun bars right on the water that we visited which were a lot of fun due to the fact that the UEFA Euro Championship was happening while we were there. For the championship game, they had a number of outdoor showings with so many people in attendance that we were forced to watch from a mile away. That being the case, we found a rowdy, crowded Irish pub to watch the game with passionate fans about and tensions running high. (No complaints here)

Malta Beautiful

My favorite day in Malta included taking a ferry ride over to Comino which is a small island right next to Malta. That’s where the pictures above were taken; the views were absolutely surreal. I felt like I had entered a different world, one that only existed to me before in pictures. We spent the day there and went exploring, trying to get every perspective possible of the coast. As usual, the pictures are nice reminders of the beauty we witnessed but there is nothing like being there in person.

Malta itself was an awesome place and I would love to go back, however I definitely learned a lot about traveling on this trip and how important location is when choosing a hostel. Our hostel was decent but it was a 30 minute walk in the 90 degree climate to get anywhere worthwhile, which became a huge annoyance. We would have to plan out our days fully every morning to try to avoid unnecessary walks back to the hostel, which was restrictive. The best thing about being in an unfamiliar place is the ability to explore and just see what happens, but when your hostel is in a bad location it’s difficult to accomplish this. So, lesson of the day: GOOD LOCATION IS WORTH MORE MONEY. You have been warned.

Malta Garden

However, on a closing note, I highly suggest traveling to Malta. Especially if you happen to score a 65 euro round trip RyanAir flight (Yes, this is why I went to Malta). Just remember to bring a UK adapter…